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Income and expense management

Perfect management of income and expenses. Overviews, charts and statistics for each month and year. Support for bank accounts and income and expenses groups. Input data anywhere using the desktop and mobile interface.

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Project and work planning

Simple and elegant management of clients, projects and tasks. Work and task scheduling, prioritization and reporting with statistics. Support for task workflows and working roles to distinguish the type of work.

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Time and event planning

Unique planning for time and events based upon Eisenhower's principles of importance and urgency. Weekly time scheduling, event templates, priority and weekly overviews.

Apps for personal management jk:APP

Jk:APP is a personal management system that helps managing individual's time, money, knowledge and business in a single app using an on-line solution. Jk:APP is a includes flexible array of projects and modules, complemented by system features, dashboard with widgets and mobile app interface. Actual version of jk:APP supports Czech and English languages.

Projects and modules

Jk:App solution is modular and flexible system divided into projects and modules. Project is a high level unit (i.e. budget) that includes a set of intertwined and co-operating modules (i.e. incomes, expenses, and monthly overview). Depending on configuration, jk:APP installation may use only selected projects and modules.

Project list

  • Budget: Income and expense management, overviews and statistics.
  • Projects: Project planning and management.
  • Database: Set of modules for storing information in a single place.
  • Planner: Weekly time scheduling based upon the Eisenhower principle.
  • Business: Modules for invoicing, tax evidence, customer management and e-mailing.
  • Finance: Modules supporting stock exchange trading.
  • Files: Files, images and documents adminsitration.

System features

System features and modules provide core system functionality shared for all projects and modules. The system supports primarily role and user administration and authentication into the system. Other system features include localization, system messages, e-mail templates, e-mailing and activity log.


Dashboard is the default page of jk:APP that displays the most important information after logging into the system. Dashboard content is customized by each user individually. Widgets are connected to modules across all projects.

Examples of widgets: last expenses, budget overview for month, plan for week, my active tasks, my last reports.

Mobile version

Mobile version is a secondary jk:APP user interface, designed primarily to access the app using mobile devices. The mobile version is optimized for fast loading and response. The mobile version offers most of the functions available in the standard interface, some supplementary functions are not available (i.e. filtering).

The mobile version is fully supported in budget, database, planner and finance projects. For projects and business, the mobile version is supported for selected modules. Mobile support for other standard modules can be easily implemented.